Tirupati Balaji Temple
Tirumala Temple

Tirupati Balaji Temple

Tirupati Balaji Temple

Tirupati Balaji Temple History from Brahma Purana

Once Vishnu wanted to have a change from his usual abode in Vaikunta. He asked Sage Narada to suggest a place on The Earth which would be suitable for diversion and sport. Narada suggested the neighborhood of the place where Seshachala came to be loacted later on. Subsequently Vayu and Sesha disputed their relative strength and entered into a serious dispute. Sesha wound his long body round a part of Meru and challenged Vayu to move it. Vayu did his best to shake the hillock but could not. Ultimately, Sesha opened his mouth to breathe and taking advantage of it, Vayu entered his body and blew of part of the hill. After the hill had traveled a long distance, Meru interfered and requested Vayu to leave it there and the later did so. Ashamed of his defeat, Sesha did penance thinking for Vishnu. Vishnu appeared before him with all his properties (Sanku, Chakra, Gadha) and offered a boon. Sesha, assuming the shape of a hill, requested the Lord to stay on his head, wanted the hill to be known as Seshachala. Vishnu thought of Narada’s suggestion, made previously, and agreed to live on seshachala.

Reference Link: Tirupati Temple History


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