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Puttur Bone Setting Hospital

Puttur Bone Setting Hospital

Puttur Kattu dates back to the year 1881, when the native medicine invented accidentally by Gopala Raju.

Bone setter Gopala found the herbal medicine from the locally available plants to treat the fractured bones. One day it happened to notice the limping of a sheep lamb and taking a kindness to it, applied a herbal paste prepared from the plants located in the puttur hills. He is surprised to notice the quick recovery of the sheep lamb. Later, Gopala Raju tested this herbal paste on other animals before successfully applying this medicine on Humans. Gopala Raju served wounded soldiers during World War I and became popular. This bone setting procedure then called by the name “Puttur Kattu”


How to reach Puttur Kattu Hospital ?

  1. Bone Setting Hospital is 2 km from Puttur Railway station. Share auto rickshaw running to hospital at high frequency. Puttur is 34 km from Tirupati
  2. Tirupati to Puttur bus frequency is quite high. Bus routes, Nagalapuram, chennai, Tiruttani, Tiruvallur, Nagari goes via Puttur.
  3. Puttur Bone setting hospital is 31 km from Tirupati International Airport.
  4. Chennai to Tirupati, runs via Puttur Railway station.