Thanjavur Brihadeeswarar Temple

Thanjavur Brihadeeswarar Temple

Thanjavur Brihadeeswarar Temple

This temple was built during the reign of King Raja Raja Chola. From the inscriptions, it is known that this temple was constructed exactly 25 years and 275 days after his ascension to the throne. In the 13th century, Pandya built shrines for Goddess Varahi. Subramanya Swamy temple inside the temple complex was built in 15th Century AD.


Ardha Mantap, Mukha Mantap, Maha Mandap are located right in front of the Sanctum Sanctorum. Nandi Mandap shelters monolithic Nandi statue which is of 3.7 mt high and 6 mt long and 2.5 mt broad.

There are two stories associated with this Nandi statue. It is said that this Nandi starts growing continuously, worried people nailed its back from then on it stopped growing.

Another version is that there lived a toad inside the temple which made Nandi grow continuously. When they removed the toad, the bull stopped growing.

How to reach Brihadeeswarar Temple?

By Air

  1. Tiruchirapalli International airport is 61 km away

By Train

  1. Direct train is available from Chennai Central to Thanjavur.

By Road

  1. From Chennai, Temple is 382 km away.
  2. From Tiruchirapalli, it is is a 1-hour drive from the airport.
  3. A direct bus is available from Chennai CMBT to Thanjavur.


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