Mahanandiswara Swamy Mahanandi Temple History
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Mahanandiswara Swamy Mahanandi Temple History

Mahanandiswara Swamy Mahanandi Temple History

One version is that in the beginning of Kritayuga, One Paravatha King had two sons called Silada and Nandi. The eldest son Silada got his name due to strict penance where he gave up eating food except Sila or Stone. The Lord was pleased by his devotion and converted Silada into a holy hills and began to live upon him. In this similar fashion, the second son Nandi did the penance for Lord Siva. Lord Siva converted him as Nandi and made him his vehicle (Vahanam). The place where Nandi did penance is considered to be the place where the present Mahanandi exists.


Mahanandiswara Swamy Mahanandi Temple Festivals

Maha Sivaratri will be celebrated in a grand during the months of Feb/Mar ,which varies based on Hindu calendar. During Karthika Masam which is dedicated to Lord Siva,  special events will be held and thousands of devotees used to participate during that time.



How to reach Mahanandiswara Swamy Mahanandi Temple ?

  1. Mahanandi Temple is 91 km from Kurnool Town
  2. 21 km from Nandyala Town.
  3. Shortest Route to Temple is via Thimmapur and is 17 km from Bus station.
  4.  Another  route via Giddalur road, you need to take  left diversion at Boyalakuntla cross , from there it is 24 km ride by road
  5. Nearest Railway station is at Nandyala which is 12 km from the temple